More About Morphing Activewear

More About Morphing Activewear


You may have seen our activewear range, followed us on social media or read some of our blogs, but you may still not know what we’re really all about.

Who are we?

Morphing has an active wear brand dedicated to giving you comfort and confidence on your journey to health. We’re not just about creating sales and meeting targets. We want to give you a positive customer service experience, give you a platform to share your goals, and we want to follow you and help you along your journey.

We have designed our high quality active wear to suit any movement. All our products are:

· Breathable

· Durable

· Moisture Wicking

· Light Weight

· Flexible

· Quick Dry

· Great Stretch

· Comfortable

· Non See-through

Here’s a little bit of info about our brand…

Our slogan is: Want It. Achieve It. Feel It. It’s all about having a goal in mind, working towards achieving your goal and then feeling the positive benefits of your hard work. We understand that everyone is on a different journey and everyone has different health goals.

The word morphing means to change or undergo a steady transformation. We want to assist you along your transformation into a healthier and happier you.

How do we plan to do this?

We have created a blog on our website so that we can give you up-to-date, relevant and helpful information that will give you tips and advice about movement, healthy eating and mindfulness.

We also recognise that sometimes, in order to reach our goals, we need to feel the support of a community around us. That’s why we’ve decided to launch a new forum feature on our website that will allow you to interact with like-minded people, and keep us involved on your journey. We want to hear all about your successes, challenges, tips and tricks.

Let’s get chatting! Check out our forum here