Mindful Eating: A Relaxing Way to Eat Better

When we think about dieting and losing weight, we usually think about what we should be eating and don’t often consider how we should be eating. Whilst of course the types of food we eat are vital for our health; the way we eat can sometimes be the cause of our excess intake. Practicing mindful eating is a great way to enjoy our food, reduce binge eating and recognize when we’re full.

Mindful eating is a meditation-based technique, similar to mindfulness, that encourages you to divert your full attention towards what you’re eating. We all know how easy it is to mindlessly snack throughout our busy day, or engorge on a big meal without giving much thought into how hungry we actually are. That’s where mindful eating would be really beneficial. It’s a practice that might take a few tries to get right, and something that may not come naturally initially, but can help you focus on how you’re feeling while you’re feasting.

Here are some beginner’s tips for practicing mindful eating:

1. Turn off the screens

It’s become common practice to grab a dish and head straight for the TV room. Who doesn’t love coupling a bag of chips with the latest episode of The Bachelor? The problem is that while we’re focusing on who is and isn’t getting a rose, we’re not focusing on how much we’re eating and whether we’re feeling full. That’s why it’s best to step away from the telly, head to the table and become aware of our intake.

2. Take a seat

Between running after the kids and crossing off your to-do list, you may feel like the most efficient way to eat is on the go, but try and dedicate a few minutes to sitting down and giving yourself time to eat. Sitting allows you to appreciate your food more, and focus on your eating. Not only can it probably prevent your indigestion, it can stop you from overeating and it will also simply allow you time to enjoy your food more.

3. Focus on chewing

Paying attention to the textures, flavor and taste of our food can take away from the busyness of our thoughts. For those few moments, we can escape from our worries and simply enjoy what we’re eating. This can allow us to feel mentally relaxed and gives our bodies time to process when it’s full.

Why does mindful eating work so well? It takes approximately 20 minutes for our brain to realize when we’re full. When we eat in a hurry, without consciously giving thought to our food, we can overeat without even realizing. Mindful eating allows us to listen to our mind and listen to our body.

While some claim that mindful eating has helped them lose weight, it’s important to remember that the type and quantity of food that you’re consuming is key. And don’t forget the importance of exercise! Take a look at our Morphing active wear range and get motivated to move more…