Wooden Semi-Circle 11 Pieces Rainbow Stacker Nesting Puzzle Blocks


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This incredibly designed 11 piece rainbow stacking toy features wooden arches of several bright colours to boost kid's imagination, creativity and eye-hand coordination. It is the best gifting option for your little munchkin that helps them to discover and develop their own creativity with this open-ended learning toy.


MADE WITH NATURAL MATERIAL: Most of the raw materials of the wooden rainbow stacker is natural. As compared to other toys, it has less involvement of chemical substances, which is both green and environmentally friendly. It also has a light fragrance of timber.

LIGHTWEIGHT: The wooden toy is lightweight, delicate, affordable and colourful. Attractive colours and shapes make them fun to play and easy to operate. Parents, friends and children are sure to love them.

EASY TO CLEAN: wooden semi-circle 11 pieces rainbow stacker nesting puzzle blocks is easy to clean and maintain. With the diversity of timber materials, the material selection of wooden toys is also flexible and we make use of the best materials.

CONNECT TO THE REAL WORLD: This amazingly designed toy helps children to connect abstract concepts or images to concrete things in the real world, or associate another thing or situation through one concrete thing.

BEST FOR CHILDREN'S LEARNING: The rainbow arched building blocks which have different lengths are for children's learning and cognition training. They can stack flat or three-dimensional shapes.

Product Specifications:
- Biggest pcs: 36.5x18.5 cm
- Smallest pcs: 9.3x4.6 cm
- Weight: 0.95 Kg