Cylinder Socket Montessori Puzzle


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  • Size Discrimination - Peg puzzles to match the correct size and depth, perfect shrunk down version of a quintessential Montessori work,a miniature set of montessori knobbed clylinders.
  • Ages 2 & Up - Suitable for home teaching of preschool kids, from ages 2 and up.Adult supervision advised for young toddlers for the small parts. Helps to learn the concept of height,size,counting,geometry shapes.A nice trial run for traditional Montessori activities.
  • Occupational Therapy - A great toy for enhancing fine motor skills, spacial reasoning,and hand coordination,dexterity for young children boys and girl as they grab the peg and match.
  • Language Development - Play with toddlers as they work on it,they can use lots of great vocabulary such as: tall/er, short/er, wide/r, thin/ner, helps to develop language skills.


  • Pincer Grip Development - Enables your baby to this essential fine motor skill by hold the peg between the thumb and the other fingers.