Morphing & Me...

Morphing & Me...

Hi!  I am Natalia Morpeth, owner and creator of Morphing.

I firstly decided to start Morphing as an expression of my beliefs.  I believe that anyone can make positive changes in their life, and morph into the person that they want to become. 

For me, it’s been a long journey to become the strong woman that I am today.

When I was young, like many young adults, I was self-conscious and thought very little of myself.  My weight was always a concern of mine.  This led me to developing an eating disorder. 

By the age of 12, I was borderline anorexic and the disease almost swallowed me. However, with great support, I managed to overcome that battle and let go of the idea of trying to be ‘perfect’.  But, as time went on I began to gain more and more weight and ended up becoming overweight.

Despite doing high intensity exercise every day for eight years, I just could not shed the excess weight.  The struggle with my weight and disordered eating continued. 

After completing my studies in Justice and Criminology, and Law and Business, I decided to work as a business manager for various companies.  I ended up working between 70 to 120 hours per week, pouring all of my energy into the businesses I worked for.  Unfortunately, this meant that I did not take care of myself: neither my body nor my mind. 

I then met my now-husband, Steven.  He helped me open my eyes to what is important. 

Living is important. I am important. 

I began caring for myself....eating better, and sleeping 8 hours per night, rather than 2-4 hours that I had slept most of my adult life.  With the positive changes I made, I lost 33 kilograms in three months.  I was happier, healthier, and much more confident.  I was a new me!

This is when our humble beginnings bloomed with the Morphing Activewear Range.  It was then time to start a family.

I became pregnant with my little boy, Roman.  After much thought, back and forth about using cloth nappies, I made the decision I'm going to try!  I have never looked back.  In fact, this helped me become even more passionate about the planet and doing what I can to minimise mine and my families footprint.

I now want to help others to feel amazing, strong and empowered, and morph into the person that they want to be!

I want to help others make the transition away from plastics and to a better lifestyle with the ethos of "no matter how small the change, any change is one step to helping save the beautiful planet we are on", which led us to expanding our business into our amazing eco store it is today.

From me and my family, thank you for your love and support!  We are truly humbled.