Shape and Colour Chick Eggs

Shape and Colour Chick Eggs


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Crack up the Hide & Squeak Bright Chicks to find 6 colourfully EGG-stra adorable little chicks inside! Each chick can be pressed down to make them chirp without any batteries needed. Toddlers can also learn more about shapes by sorting each shell into their respective carton spot. With 6 different looks and colours, kids can also match the colours of each chick to the colour of their shells to promote colour recognition.


  • Hide & Squeak Bright Chicks is a set that comes with a family of 6 eggs that each reveals a coloured chick in the middle.
  • Press down on the chick to hear it chirp to help babies learn about cause and effect.
  • Each shell can be placed inside their matching space in the carton to encourage shape recognition.
  • Match the chicks with the shells according to their colours to promote colour recognition.
  • Easy to grab for little hands!
  • No batteries required.
  • Suitable for toddlers from 6 months and up.

Inspire your toddler to discover cause and effect whilst promoting colour and shape recognition when they play with Hide & Squeak Bright Chicks!