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A product that is big enough to fit all the essentials for an outing with a toddler, or use as a nappy caddy for a smaller baby, without it being too bulky.

This one measures 25cm x 15cm x 15cm and I was able to pack the following into it easily:

🐢 2 x stuffed cloth nappies
🐢 Spare wetbag for dirty nappies
🐢 Wetbag with cloth wipes
🐢 Change of clothes (shirt & pants in size 2)
🐢 Bib
🐢 Sunhat
🐢 Hand sanitiser
🐢 Snacks (mandarin & a fruit bar)
🐢 2 x small toys

Grab a drink bottle and you can head out the door!

Alternatively it fits 4-5 stuffed cloth nappies easily.

The separate pocket on the end is an optional extra and is great for those items you want to keep separate from nappies eg. a snack, small toy or dummy.

The handle can be configured as a strap or loop to easily carry, or attach to your pram/change table.

Made of PUL, with French seams for longevity, aesthetics and to help maintain water resistence. They are fully machine washable.