Pitty Good Deodorant- All Natural

Little Wren Creations

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 95% Organic ​Ingredients
• Aluminium Free, Natural & Non Synthetic Bicarb Soda
​• No Fragrances or anything synthetic and nasty!
• All Natural & Handmade
• An effective natural deo that does its job!!

☆ Lemon Myrtle – Besides smelling amazing, this oil has incredible antibacterial and germicide properties and has been proven to be stronger than Tea Tree Oil.

☆ Lime - Smells so delicious you may be tempted to eat it ( please don't!)
Crisp & fresh giving this deo a little extra bit of oomph!

• Feel GOOD in choosing natural, chemical free deodorant and smelling " Pitty Good"!

Organic Coconut Oil, Aluminium Free & Organic Bicarbonate Soda, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Beeswax & 100% Pure Essential Oils.


Scoop a good pea sized amount out with a clean finger, or a wooden pop stick, before massaging into your pits. Allow a few minutes to dry slightly before getting dressed.
• Store in a cool dry place below 20° degrees.
• Use within 6 month's of opening.