My Happy Helpers Large Wooden Rainbow Stacker

My Happy Helpers

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Australia's very own My Happy Helpers Rainbow Stackers are the gift that never stops giving. Designed for hours of open ended play, this large Montessori inspired rainbow block will spark your little ones imagination like you’ve never seen before.

As an adult you may look at this rainbow stacker and wonder what on earth to do with it, however when placed in front of a child, they will see endless opportunities. Children will see a rainbow, but they may also see a tunnel, a cave, a lookout, a bridge, a bed and a whatever else their little minds can imagine.

These versatile rainbows will help your little ones to learn about colours and size, refine hand eye co-ordination, encourage their imaginations and develop their balancing skills.


Produced for MY HAPPY HELPERS using sustainable New Zealand Pine. 

Offers a variety of learning experiences and designed for hours of fun.

Our My Happy Helpers Rainbow stackers are particularly popular as the Rainbow Arch are ideal for creating ball runs, stacker structures, houses and numerous other functional designs. Our rainbows are machine made using FSC certified New Zealand Pine and our arches are consistent in form.

The advantage and distinction of our Rainbows is that we can offer replacement arches if required. Please select the option below and make a note of colour at checkout.

The consistent form of our rainbows means they function as stackers exceptionally well. 

Painted by hand using water based, non toxic paints that are safe for your little ones. Please note if the timber gets wet, be mindful of potential colour transfer.

Available in Brighter Primary Colours and Lighter Pastel Colours.

My Happy Helpers Large Rainbows consist of 12 Pieces 


Please note the My Happy Helpers Branded Rainbow is only available in Australia, is manufactured for My Happy Helpers Pty Ltd and does not have any affiliations with any other provider in the market.

Recommended Age: 36+ Months 

Please note : These Rainbows are designed for Stacking and Small World Play. They are not designed to be dropped from heights, thrown or played with roughly.