Bootyful Creations - Double Row (OSFM) MCN

Bootyful Creations

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This OSFM nappy is a front snapping nappy with 4 rise options to adjust size.

The location of the hip snap allows for a better fit on chubby little thighs with out cutting in.

Each OSFM set comes with two, two-layer 500gsm bamboo fleece inserts, each insert is topped with microfleece (white). The inserts can be placed in the pocket or laid on top on the pocket.

While all little humans are built differently, these nappies are better suited to fit more comfortably out of the teeny tiny newborn stage (3kg) up to 18 kgs, but this is only a guide and will fit better (and worse) at different stages. 

There is a small front waist elastic that puckers gently to create a better seal around the waist. It isn't tight but just prevents gaping

Inserts- anchor and booster, shown in pictures.