Cutey Booty Cream

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Cutey booty bottom butter.

Treat nappy rash, chafing and heat rash with our soothing bottom butter. Our bottom butter creates a protective barrier so skin has a chance to heal and also prevents irritation from occurring.

For nappy rash: Apply a small amount to clean, dry skin after each nappy change until rash is resolved.

For heat rash and chafing: Apply to clean, dry skin once or twice daily.

Ingredients: Olive oil (infused with Calendula flowers); Certified organic Shea butter; Candelilla wax; zinc oxide; cornstarch; Certified organic Vitamin E

Packed in a 50g aluminium tin which can be returned, recycled or reused.

Return 5 or more tins and/ or jars to receive $10 off next online purchase.