Morphing- Cloud Nesting Puzzle


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Six Cloud Nesting pieces nestle together to create a stacking toy as well as a simple nesting puzzle.

This wood stacker is great for both toddlers, who are learning how to stack and nest objects, as well as older children who love to play with blocks.

The Cloud wood stacker consists of 6 curving cloud-shaped arches that fit neatly inside of one another. Little ones can delight in sorting and stacking, or try rolling a ball under the arches for endless entertainment. These blocks are wonderful for older children, too, who can fire up their imaginations and build colorful bridges, towns, and doll homes.

This is an open-ended Waldorf toy stimulating children's creativity. Pieces can be used as a bridge, hill, doll cradle, tunnel, or cozy cave for imaginary playmates. Hand-made and dyed using non-toxic water-based dyes and left unlaсquered.

INCLUDES : 6 pastel colored blocks different sizes. SIZE : 13 x 7,5 x 4 cm. MATERIAL : lime wood, dyed with non-toxic watercolors, without lacquer. ORIGIN : Made in Rusa.