Exfoliation Skin Towel

Exfoliation Skin Towel


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Bass Brushes Exfoliation Skin Towel  

  • Ideal for cleaning the entire body and face
  • Special texturing stimulates skin and blood circulation
  • 100% Special Synthetic Fiber.

Rub your way to a healthy skin and body with Bass Brushes Exfoliation Skin Towel. This BPA free nylon towel can be used dry or wet and is perfect for travelling.

Bass Brushes Exfoliation Skin Towel helps exfoliate dead skin cells. It gently massages as it cleans the skin. It is a good way to create more lather with less soap and may be used to clean the whole body and face.

To use, hold an end in each hand and move back and forth. You can easily reach all parts of your back with one of these, and it's easier to use than those puffy scrubbers. 

Easier to wash than a body brush - just throw it in the washing machine. 

Size: 22 x 11 x 1.5 cms (folded)

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