Nelson Naturals

Nelson Naturals are a brand pioneering zero waste toothpaste. They package in plastic free glass jars, and their natural toothpaste comes in toothpaste tablets. They’re perfectly proportioned, so you just pop one in your mouth, crush it between your teeth and brush away.

You don’t even have to brush if you don’t have your toothbrush handy! And because they’re made from food grade ingredients, you don’t even have to spit the Crush & Brush toothpaste tablets if you don’t want to. Nelson Naturals toothpaste tablets come in two flavours: mint and mint charcoal.

The activated charcoal in the teeth whitening tablets helps to remove surface stains on your teeth. We just love these toothy tabs, and reckon they’re perfect for travel, for keeping in your handbag, and for busy mums!

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