Carlos and Valerie are the owners behind Magblox. They are an Aussie-Ecuadorian family based in Sydney. Their journey commenced 4 years ago, since then they have facilitated many workshops in NSW and ACT. Utilising their educational material and toys, they have had the opportunity to teach hundreds of children, and engage with their dedicated educators. 

The business was founded in December 2015, the guiding principle was to find a way to help children and families with limited educational resources. They launched JC Creative Toys as an online store so people could have access and learn about STEM toys.

As time went by the business started to develop into other areas of education, that’s how they created the STEM workshops and gradually took the brand to educational centres in Sydney. 

The magblox are made from recycled plastic and the founders are trying to do their part to help the environment where they can! Plus they are amazing educational toys for all ages!