Little Wren Creations

Established by a Mama, Inspired by her Bubba! 

In 2019 Amys beautiful rainbow baby was born, 'Wrenna'. They often refer to her as their Little Blue Wren. She completely changed their world, and  knew leaving her and returning to the workforce was not going to be ideal for this bubba obsessed Mum!

Health has been huge to Amy in recent years, particularly in the years of planning our family and enduring several pregnancy losses, knowing the impact chemicals have on your body. Also realising that the pits were the bodies way of telling me that my body also needed some cleansing, Amy furthered this journey after much research on fertility being effected by chemical overload and bodily inflammation to the uterus.

Parcticulary wary of any sprays & perfumes while pregnant, and even more so while breastfeeding, producing a healthy, natural deodorant, was the perfect match for the label.

Using this well tested recipe they loved, Amy adapted some combination changes to make it a little more gentle to sensitive skin types. Then put efforts into sourcing quality ingredients to establish a good quality product, rather than a cheaper, mass produced, commercial product.