Ethique is the brainchild of pioneering Christchurch-based scientist, Brianne, who began experimenting with creating solid shampoo in her kitchen in 2012. In 2015, Ethique was born of a desire for super effective, concentrated, no-fuss, sustainable cosmetics. Since launching, Ethique has received consistently positive reviews, with their loyal customer following claiming that these one-of-a-kind products offer incredible, visible results. Ethique bars are highly concentrated and designed to last three to six times longer than bottled alternatives.*

Ethique is making waves across the industry in more than just their unique product offering. When it comes to sustainability, they tick all of the boxes. In a move away from plastic and toward a more sustainable future, Ethique uses minimal, sustainable, biodegradable packaging for all of their bars. You can just toss the packaging into the compost knowing that it won't hurt our precious oceans. Ethique is also certified cruelty-free and vegan, and they are diligent in ensuring that none of their ingredients are tested on animals. All Ethique products are palm oil free and their Christchurch-based lab and manufacturing facility is powered by 100% renewable energy. Ethique is very proud to be certified climate neutral. On top of this, Ethique donates either 2% of revenue or 20% of profit (whichever is higher) to charity